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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

HairDepot @ Bangsar

HairDepot "for all your hair needs"

Can you imagine how much actually spend on our skin but how about our hair? We spent a lot of time and money to style and dye our hair but we always forget to take care our hair .
Except skincare, haircare is a must for all people even guys. I know some of my guy friends can't even let people to touch their hair and somehow if they didn't style their hair will wear cap to cover it =='' LOL

I'm can't even comb my hair to campus last time . XD

Thanks you Butterfly Project & Hairdepot for giving me this opportunity to attend this makeover workshop.  You can spot their shop very easily with the outstanding magenta signage when you hang around at Bangsar.

When I stepped inside the outlet, my face expression was like WHOA, so many hair product with variety brands. All in colourful and grand packaging.

Take a look at this REDKEN shampoo and conditioner or serum. The whole series of the collection is just arranged in rainbow way. How I wish to grab the whole series of REDKEN put at my home. *Drooling ~~ @@
Beside the shampoo and conditioner, they even have styling products and colouring . I'm can't  recognize all the brands. They are waiting you come and figure out. Because I only have one head. If you have serious hair problem you many pay a visit to the intensive care range. Those are the products which are more specific to some of the scalp or hair problem.

From so many hair care products, this collection really do grab my attraction. Is is a milk series hair care product.It really does smell like milk and vanila. The packaging is cute and girlish :)

For those who are more prefer to natural and organic. Olive is definitely is your 1st choice.

We have a scalp scanning session. This is how my scalp look like it is a little bit oily ><

Spot ?
The amazing curler in the town.
Curl expert K100
The legend for this automatic magical curler is very famous now a day.

See how the hair stylist do magic for my hair :)

Please give me a nice hairstyle.

Hair stylist: MALI MALI HOM!!!

Tadaa!!! here is the outcome :)
The curl is very natural and I'm suddenly become so feminine.

After done my pretty hair, what is the next?
Cam whore is a must.
Cam whore with my lovely gf 
Mai Sarah, Jennufer and Yours truly

Credits to Butterfly Msia.
Food sponsored by Little Wonton!
This is my first time tried on Little wonton, when I'm eating the wonton, me keep on woah! because their wonton is very special from others :) I've picked the Kimchi flavour.
I'm very scare of eating the spicy one because inside got a huge chili !! Three of us picking it very carefully.

See how happy me , Isabel and fish so happy with the food.

                                                               Credits to Butterfly Msia.

Last but not least, our group picture :) 
See everyone showing off their good hairstyle .

Come and take a look for the video :)
Credits to Plusizekitten

The End.

Contact us:
No.20 G/F,
Jalan Telawi Lima,
Bangsar Baru
Kuala Lumpur
tel: +60 3 2202 2215  

Closed on Sunday
10:00am-8:00pm (Mon-Sat)

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