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Monday, October 21, 2013


First and foremost, thanks you HiShop selected me as the HiShop beauty ambassador of the month..
Today the good I want to review is Skin79 CC cream correct.
Nowadays CC cream is just like a piece of hotcake in the market. For your information, CC cream is
actually a revolution of BB cream. Do you still remember BB cream was so popular in last few years.
Almost everyone is eager to own a BB cream. I’m start get know BB cream with this brand Skin 79.

It came with a lovely pink paper box :) 

Let's explore what is inside the pink box :)

Before start my review, there are some of the introduction about the differences of BB cream & CC cream .

BB Cream
CC Cream

Known as Blemish Balm

Known as Colour correct/control

All in one facial foundation, primer, sun protection without nourishing skin care content.

Include all the benefits of BB Cream with added nourishing ingredients whilst reducing the appearance of skin redness or shallowness, as a brightening skincare and reduce wrinkles.

Why you want to choose to own a CC cream rather BB cream?
Answer : CC cream has lighter texture and stickiness compare to BB Cream. Normally most of the BB cream will create greyness outcome. But CC cream is aimed to evening the uneven skin tones, reduce redness, illuminating the complexion.

I’m selected to review the CC Cream correct with this triple functions (Whitening/ Wrinkle Improvement/ UV Interception SPF25 PA++) items. I can easily complete my daily make up within 5 minutes J

                                                Image : Texture of the CC cream, light pink colour.
        You can spotted Micro change capsule is adhered smoothly on the skin.
·         After applied, my skin tone is more fairer, even and natural glowing.
·         Rich Moisture effect and amino soothing for relaxing stressed skin and more elastic.

Directions: Apply it evenly whole face after you daily skin care.

After my moisturizer , I'm just apply the  Skin79 CC Cream Correct.

Finished !!
p/s: sorry for annoying eyebrow , I didn't draw it :(

The overall coverage is not bad, it can replace sunblock with SPF 25 PA++& foundation.

 HiShop currently is having -15% discount SKIN79 CC Cream. Original prices RM99.00 change to RM 84.15 Come and grab one home.


A nice complexion is very vital for everyone especially women. Therefore when we choose the skincare must be very careful. There are many inspired SKIN79 products in the market with lower price.
In addition, we can verify the code that provided, to check the product.
Below are the simple 3 steps to verify :

b)      Key in 16-digit code and click ‘Check’
c)       For more info:

This is the screenshot of my product and it is the real items. So I can use it with 100% trust without  any worries.

My opinion:

v  Non stickiness
v  Coverage is normal
      v  Can be used as a base of makeup
v  Naturally glowing effect

So far I’m quite satisfied with this product. I’m recommend you all can give a try on this product J
As my lovely reader, of cause I will have some benefits for you.

Exclusive RM20 rebate HSMASK
*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 30 November 2013


  1. That really looks on you :)
    Can I know if the cream leaves a white cast?

    1. The cream will change the colour according to your skin tone :).It is very natural colour slightly pinkish <3

  2. oooo lovely! you did the review so much better than me! haha (also got this product from Hishop) (( :
    you have pretty eyes!

    1. Dear Ann,

      Thanks for your compliment :) Just read your post too <3


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