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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

55 Cafe @ Penang


Hello, I'm just backed from Little island Penang. I can't wait to share with you guy an awesome cafe which named as 55 Cafe. First I want to thank to my friend who brought us there and we have a small gathering on the whole night which really cheer up my day :)

Here we go 55 Cafe & Restaurant offers Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and tapas in an informal setting. The menu features a variety of light, tasty dishes, with daily specials depending on what's fresh at the market on the day .
 My friend eventually boom my picture ><''
Anyways thanks for him who bring me to this exquisite restaurant.

I was quite surprise and felt impressive to this restaurant because the environment is really vintage and it is located at Penang Historical area- Heritage.
As what my friend told me , the place was used to manufacture coffee during last time and now it is renovate to become a cafe.

If I'm not mistaken, I think this is the place that used to roast the coffee bean .You can imagine how big the wok !!!
Even can put me inside ><
 So vintage and artistic right? Those oil painting inspired me to continue my oil painting journey and want to have a professional class for it.
Anyone can recommend a studio?

This authentic basket looks like a piece of  antique. I remember my house still got one used to put mandarin orange during Chinese New Year.

The cashier is so attractive and beautiful. I believe my beloved Hins Cheung will definitely love this place because he is the person who like to collect this kind of old precious piece :)

The restaurant actually divided into two categories. For dinner and main dishes or chilling site.

We choose to have a seat at chilling site because we just finished our dinner and craving for a dessert .

Mojito-Lime, Mint,sparkling water,white rum

As I mentioned at above, the highlights for today is 3D coffee art :)

Let's enjoy the pictures, sorry if too much of picture spam your PC screen :) XD

Winnie the pooh in progress :)

Pig of the day :)

After ate dinner at PicNic @Penang . My friend knows me very well, he knows that I can't finish my meal without a dessert . HAHAHAHAHAHA
My stomach must always boat with dessert.
Ok, show time.

We ordered Orange Cheese Cake with Vanila Ice Cream -RM18
The orange aroma is very strong .It is very match with the creamy cheesecake. The crumble layer is not crunchy enough. So far it is satisfied :)

Classic Brownie with Vanila Ice Cream -RM16

I'm more prefer to have warm brownie but too bad it is cool T.T

For more detail information ,please visit their FB page for latest update:


Mon - Sun8:30 am - 10:30 pm

Last but not least, Let's enjoy the video clip .Have a nice day .Bye Bye


  1. Nice, think the chef took over the restaurant, no longer managed by this expat couple i guess

  2. How much are the drinks with 3d coffee art? The last time I went there, they don't serve coffee with 3D arts. But their brownies are pretty good.

    1. If not mistaken is RM10 .. Because the lattes were treat by boss ☺️

  3. Wow 3D arts, so cute!
    Heard about this cafe, but not yet pay a visit. :(

    1. Me still havent try their main course too... Will get a try too 😍


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