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Friday, October 11, 2013

Artisan Roast Coffee @Bangsar Village

I've been searching for alluring cake in KL quite a long time. Unfortunately , most of the well known cakes were disappointed me :(

But today I'm want to introduce to you all a place that can satisfied your tastebuds.

I'm actually heard of Artisan from my friends but still do not have chance to taste their cheesecake.
Well, yes I did...
It is prove that this is the most yummy cheese cake I ever eat.

The smoothness of the cheese cake without the stickiness at your esophagus . It is totally can't describe how it taste verbally unless you go and try it.
The texture of the cheese cake is super duper smooth the percentage of the roughness is 0%.

The cheese cake is RM10. It is worth for it to paid for a nice cake. They served nice coffee too . My bf ordered affogato .

 I 'm just order a healthy drink with 0 % sugar and additives fruits juice yogurt RM8. The sourness of the fresh fruits just matching so well with my honor cheese cake.

Last week saturday I've spent my awesome weekend with my beloved gf at sunway lagoon event and of cause Nuffnang food fest. Nuffnang Food fest is an awesome event if you missed it , too bad :p . Thanks for Nuffnang organized this amazing event :)

Photo credits to Nuffnang
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I miss my gf :(


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