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Monday, October 7, 2013

Nutmeg @ Bangsar Village KL

Quote of the day
“Life is short and unpredictable. Don't waste another minute on people, places and things that don't make you happy.” ― Robert Tew

 Hello, I'm back. The last weekend was passed so fast and I had spent a very good time with my gf at Sunway Lagoon and ofcause Nuffnang foodfest :) It was an exhausted day so I'm sleep until noon for the next day.

After simply dolled up, me and my bf drove all the way long to Bangsar just for brunch. I heard alots of good review from Nutmeg. So we 've decide to give a try on that.

We reached there around 2pm. Unfortunately there was full , but luckily we waited for 5 minutes and able to get a seat.

As usual, the ambience picture.

Vintage and authentic design all around the whole restaurant like the retro 80's .

There also a bar table which suitable for guys come and chilling with pins of beer.

Dessert corner, I spotted an interesting cake which is "without flour cake". Me and bf was very full so unable to try for their cakes. But anyway I saw they serve a very big portion of cake.

Little yellow daisy are placed at every table.
The menu is make by the recycle paper.
It is just simple yet nice.

So many illusion and artistic painting was hang at the wall .
While waiting for the foods to be served, just cam whore .LOL
I want V shape face... Stop eating please . Ms Audrey !!!! @@

I'm ordered a baked egg. Since I've never try baked egg before .
 Baked egg- RM 18

Baked egg-  2 eggs , tomatoes compote, brioche 18, cheese

The running egg yolks are amazing matched well with baked cheese.
Personally I liked the tomatoes very much, it was very fresh and juicy.
Yum Yum :)

I'm a meat lover, So I've added on the spicy lamb sausages -RM 9

For those who like lamb , you sure can;t missed that, the fat of the lamb is very juicy , easily melted at your mouth, the strong aroma of the lamb is awesome. The spiciness of the sausage just equilibrate the savory of the lamb.

Shining and shimmering tendons of lamb sausage :)

Nutmeg Signature Big breakfast- RM 28
Baked tomatoes, mushroom, scramble egg, fried macaroni cheese ,salted beef , spicy lamb sausage, butter bread

I like their mushroom without any additives you can tasted the most original taste of mushroom. The juicy mushroom is thumb up because the juice of the sliced mushroom will normally dehydrated when fried. 

Actually, there the one special thing make me very curious is the  fried macaroni cheese. But maybe I put too high expectation and comes out the so so only. LoL..

I've no idea when my bf took this but it is a nice candid shot * SS* Teehee 

So far the food is average . The service is very nice especially those waitress and waiter. Nice service, ambience , food but there is one thing bad traffic ><

I'm sure I will go back again to try their cakes ,love ya xoxo. 


Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun9:30 am - 10:00 pm

Location :


  1. Awwww! Lamb sausages! The outside appearance already makes me want to have a bite! Definitely will pay a visit when I go to KL!

  2. thanks for your comment:)
    Must give a try on it .

  3. Replies
    1. sharon babe jom let's have a date for brunch please :)

  4. I wanna try the Baked eggs, it looks very very tempting ! haha.. btw u look pretty drinking water ! hahaha

    1. Sarah babe, the baked egg is delicious because I like to eat soft boiled egg .
      Ohhhhh thanks I like that candid shoot too :)


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