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Friday, October 25, 2013

Birthday Celebration @ PLOY, WORK CLEARWATER

This is the 2nd birthdays I’ve spent with this guy. He is just so lucky *devil smile*
Actually this is quite rush for me, since I’m working at PJ. You all should know the horrible traffic
jam. So I’m finished work at 6pm sharp. Then I rushed back quickly for preparation &doll up myself
to celebrate my bf birthday. I make a reservation at 9pm (estimate we will be late) who know we
were reached there before half an hour.

The restaurant is named as PLOY which is located at Clearwater Damansara Height Level B2.
My first impression to this restaurant is their artistic interior design with the inspiration diamond &
paper make concept. Of cause the shining PLOY in front of the restaurant is looking great.

The environment is quiet, peaceful and romantic .I’m highly recommend couple can celebrate their
whatever anniversary and girl chilling day J

How about their food? Actually there have their menu with price have an official website.

Main Character of the day #MOTD

He also dressed up nicely for the celebration.Passed!!

This is very convenient for those who have budget limitation problem. You can consider what to eat
When still in your budget range. You also can easily look through what is their chef recommend with
all those high resolution photo. I’m actually glancing over so many times their menu and finally I’ve
decided what to eat. However my bf who facing a hard time in choosing his main events even
though He has gone through the menu at website so many times.
At last, I was pushing him to decide faster because I was so hungry after worked until I can eat a
whole cow. It like finally the foods is served.

First we choose the TUNA WAKAME SALAD (tuna cube,avocado, &sesame shoyu dressing)-RM 23 as
our appetizer. This salad is surprisingly impress me that salad can be so
yummylicious. If you all have a chance comes over here. This is a salad you can’t missed it.

 We ordered 3 main dishes.

·         Squid Ink Spagetti (Squid ink, fresh shellfish,squid,chilli,flat leaf parsley)-RM28.50
Both of us like this spaghetti very much, we claimed that this is the best squid ink spaghetti J But when you enjoy this delicious spaghetti you must be careful your teeth, because the darkish squid ink will spread all over your lip & teeth.

·         Jumbo Shrimps & Scallops (roasted with Japanese mayo dressing with ebiko & wasabi salad)RM37
This is the main events I’ve ordered. I like seafood especially Scallop!! If you like Zanmai sushi you will definitely like this very much because the japanese mayo is better than Zanmai seriously .
Apparently the salad beside is very nice too. Why all their salad can be so nice .Wasabi flavour salad is sounds weird but it is not.

·         Duck Confit (mash potato, honey balsamic vinaigrette)RM30
Normally I have a very bad image to duck because their meat is very chewy and hard to digest. But this one plays a magic, you can’t even used your knife to cut it. Just your fork, the meat is eventually dropped out. I think the preparation time must be super long. The mashed potato is awesome too so rich.

Our beverages: Ice chocolate-RM16 each &Ice lemon tea-RM12 each
Those are their signature drinks because they didn’t served the instant powder kind of drink. Instead of using powder, they used flavoured cube (lemon flavour & choco flavour ice tube) along with milk.

All nude for #OOTD
Simply off shoulder crop with nude pencil skirt .
Nude pumps

Where the Birthday cake? I made an oreo cake for him this time. Still remember I made him a strawberry cheese cake last year. Time flies ~~~~

Last but not least, wish my Bf who growth older but handsome always. Luckily he satisfied with all the dishes.

Prakash Ramachandran, Restaurant Manager (Cell:011 1221 8389)
G-02 Ground Floor Work @Clearwater ,
Changkat Semantan, Off Jalan Semantan,
Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur
Phone :+603 2095 0999
Fax: + 603 2095 9181


12.00PM-3.00PM;6.00PM-12.00 midnight
6.00pm-12.00pm midnight
Google Map


  1. Wow, 9pm for dinner is unusual for me haha. Would love to try the squid ink pasta but i don't think i will go for the prawn, albeit its good but its not cheap too

    1. Nope im reached that more half hour earlier..

  2. The foods look really tempting!

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