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Monday, October 28, 2013


Hello, last saturday I was get cordially invited to attend Nuffnang Halloween event. So I'm bring my beloved gf -Jess along to enjoy this horrible night :)
This #GSCHORRORFEST is basically combine 3 horror movies together in one shot .
This is quite excited and we were enjoyed our horror movie marathon .

Thanks Jess come to fetch me , we able to catch up each other in this amazing event.

There are some of the light food provided with awesome design.
Let's enjoy the picture.

Disgusting eyeball .....
Grave sandwiches :)

The three horror movies are:
·         RIGOR MORTIS    (Hongkong)
·         The Second Sight(Thai)
·         Insidious 2 (English)

*Spoiler below

For the Hong Kong Movie Rigor Mortis, this movie was all in my expectation, no surprise at all. But
the opening song was very scary makes my hair stand out. But I’m don’t like the story line. No climax
and it can be peacefully because of one person.*SWEAT
A wife want turns her husband to become a Chinese vampire? How could it be?
She is so rude even sacrifice a child to feed her husband.

 Personally I like the second sight because it was very meaningful and all handsome & pretty
characters. It reminds us think twice before doing anything. Karma is happened.
Jess was seat beside me and keep ask me “Why he/she want like that”. Just keep mention my name.
She is just freak out, she is just too cute. Both of us stick together for the whole movies, I have to
admits some parts were very scary. But both of us like the thai movie and Jess keep mentioned it
very nice although it is scary.

For the Insidious 2, I personally think that The conjuring is better than this. Because the ghost in
Insidious 2 doesn’t scare me. And I hate the baby car alots. So noisy ><
The murderer is just like a pervert and insane who dressed up in black wedding dress and the make up is ugly. YUCK!!
And I’m not really understands why he want to kill those girl. Why his mother want force him to
Dress like a girl?

Looks at my cute tattoo :)


We are ready for the movies !

Cutie Jess 

Jess said that me smile to happy , people halloween and somemore I'm stand beside ghost how can me smile so happy .


I think she is trying to inspire Carrie? Am I right?

Cam whore with girl , love 

Roar ~~~I'm a pinkist devil 

I know I'm not scary enough ? LOL forgive me 

Once again Thanks to GSC and Nuffnang for the invitation. We were enjoyed a great saturday night.


  1. thanks for joining my giveaway!
    whoa =='' it's really scary, i wouldn't eat the eye balls and all that. damn! i wouldn't even go near those scary looking girls..haha

  2. the first two food very geli lerrrr! >.<


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