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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nuffnang Tastebuddies Gathering @ Kelantan Delights ,Sooka Central

                   It was one of the amazing Sunday of an usually joyful weekend when a  weight-ful burden had just slipped off my shoulders, VIVA. And on this very day, I am invited to my first feast out with folks of nuffnangers from tastebuddies group to enjoy a meal at Kelantan Delights. I'm very glad that I've been selected as one of the exclusive member from NN tastebuddies group. Thanks for the invitation. 
Kelantan Delights Restaurant which is  located at Sooka Central, for your information, they will be closed on Sunday usually. It is open today just to dedicate the whole restaurant to us.  It's so easy to find and you can used public transport to reach here.This is the first time I'm able to have a chance to taste kelantan cuisine and it was a great experience to enjoy a meal with folks of tastebuddies.

The restaurant has a very welcoming ambient environment along with  full of authentic kelantanese decoration which is matched suitably with the food served.  The surrounding of the restaurant is adequately relaxing with its warm  lightning. Its suitable for a couple to enjoy authentic local cuisine rather that western food.

On top of that  you can also enjoy a great view as you even can see the monorail passing through while waiting for the food to be served. It is a good place where you can actually organize a gathering  to spend your weekend with your awesome friends with taste of local kelantan delight.

                 Menu for the gathering, the card is simple and nice and is specially designed for us, appreciate it :)

The beverage is lemon grass flavor , I'm definitely like tit as it is just refreshing .

Laura Lee who is from Nuffnang, she is the person that had actually organized this gathering and she started the gathering with a brief warm greeting.

Next, the manager was also introduced some of the history of kelantan cusine before we start to enjoy our meal :)

A picture from Laura Lee, as you can see, bloggers are usually busying capturing the photos for blog readers to drools off rather than indulging the foods =P

So here we go, FOOD pictures...
First of all is the appetizer TOM YAM KELAPA MUDA
It actually came along with  fresh shrimp and tom yam soup  served in a little shot glasses, so adorable. I personally could not resist any tom yam related food. I love the soup very much which is not too spicy and too sour, the taste is just moderate and nice. * Thumbs up

Follow by another appetizer called SIRIH DAUN KADUK
It is actually wrapping of a small portion of  ginger, chili padi, onion, roasted coconut, roasted peanuts, dried shrimps, special sauce with Daun Sirih and placed it in a flora shaped popiah skin. The sauce is very unique and delicious,  however there's a small hint of bitterness that comes from the leaves but it does smells good with some lemon flavor inside. 

 There are two choices for the main course, one is Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik and another one is Nasi Dagang Ikan Gulai.

I picked Nasi Dgang Ikan Gulai as my main course because  I have done some research through their official website. Their Nasi Dagang Ikan Gulai is highly recommended by the chef.
The rice is quite different than your standard nasi lemak rice. It consists mainly of unmilled rice cooked with coconut milk served along with hard boiled egg garnished with acar timun.  The ikan Tongkol is cooked with curry paste and the greatest thing about seafood is being fresh. The fish is served without any pungent fishy smells from it. The fish is cooked perfectly, not overcooked to to the extent of becoming tough and dried. 

They even give us extra "kuah", how considerate huh .
Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik
 Nasi Kerabu is a very well known east coast state Malay rice dish which is blue in coloured rice. I'm curious of the origin of bluish colour so I did a little research and realize that the blue colour is originated from the petals of  Clitoria ternatea (butterfly-pea). The same theory with the pandan-infused rice. The petals are grinded finely and the extracts are used to mixed with the rice to formed a sharp blue coloured rice.

To be a qualified food blogger, we'll have to had a habit of 'Snap before eat"!  It took us roughly about 10 minutes to snap pictures before we actually starts out feast whenever new dishes are served..

Dessert? Hmmm, not finish yet. Bizarrely we have more main course to come. 

Nasi Tumpang 
  the restaurant only offers 15 nasi tumpang daily, which make this dish to be highly exquisite and prized. I felt very lucky to have a chance to taste it.  The appearance of the dish looks like an ice cream cone. Can't wait to unwrap and discover what's in it. There are three layers with different ingredient inside such as chicken floss, prawn sambal , gulai ikan tongkol and a one quarter of fried chicken.


 I liked the ulam(bean sprouts, cucumber, daun selom), as after indulging in the heavy dishes above. This one compliments well as being light. 

Spot that ? This is like malay version of"chu cheong fun"
The rich santan  + fish  gravy sauce makes the whole dish more delicious.

    Finally dessert time,
normally kelantanese will called it as dessannnnn time. you know that girls will always has another stomach which only available for dessert.

Lompat Tikam & Ketupat Sotong

 It was quite surprising at first when look at it and we're doubting if this is actually a dessert as we usually associate squid to be a savoury food rather than being sweet. 

Lompat Tikam- rice cake (pandan) , red pulut with gula melaka
Ketupat Sotong- The sotong inside wrapped with glutinous rice and the sotong is soaked for gula melaka so it tasted sweet!!! *clap clap
I'm like sweet stuff very much, the sotong is abit chewy and balanced with soft glutinous rice.  Unique combination I'd say.

Having myself tasted the dessert definitely had expanded my view of the limitation of food , looking forward to explore more food in any upcoming gatherings.

For more information, you can log on to their facebook website 
official website

Ground Floor East Wing
Wisma Consplant 1
No 2 Jalan SS16/4
47500 Subang Jaya 

+ 603 5611 7845


Monday to Friday
12pm - 3pm
6pm - 11pm (last order at 1030pm)
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
12pm - 11pm (last order at 1030pm)

1-5, Level 1
Sooka Sentral
Jalan Stesen Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

+ 603 2785 1945 


Monday - Friday 11am-10pm

Closed on Saturdays and Sundays


Have a nice day, thanks for reading 


  1. ohmy! ur Nasi Dagang Ikan Gulai makes me drools!!

  2. It is really delicious, just go to have a try ! :)Btw, thanks for the comment


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