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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


An inches thick of dust has accumulated on my blog, I'm never updates my blog for almost two weeks time. I would like to apologize to all of you. 
Is like finally, I had finished my thesis and pass up my second draft tomorrow. By the way, final exam is coming soon and yet I haven't start to do my revision at all. 
Pampering myself a delicious meal is a must after  finished my hard work.

TGI Friday is having set promotion which cost RM30 ++ including main dish and appetizer .
So let's start from the appetizer 
This one is known as Fried Mozzarella 
It looks like a piece of fish cake and come with bolognese sauce . 

The crispy surface with the melted cheese inside, it is an awesome match.
If you're a cheese lover. You definitely need to try this out. This is super finger licking good.

Spot that? the cheese is fully melted and give it a lava type of texture.
My hubby boy.... Friday classic burger.
Arghhhhhh~~~~~~~ Burger is always be my bf first choice and the only choice ...
He totally can't refuse the seducing from burger.

I'm damn hungry at that time, feel like what to bite my bf, poor guy that has a vampire gf like me :)
I choose creamy mushroom soup as my appetizer. I like what kind of soup I don't care it is western style or chinese style. But still mummy style is the best.  Slurpsssss

Next is my main dish, I forget the name == poor memory
I'm just can remember is something like macaroni with cheese and chicken breast.
Oh ya, is cheese again,   it make me felt so unctuous  and I can felt that those fat is saturated my whole body.  But it is delicious . OMG Dilemma ...

Dessert time !! clap clap. It is the most happiness time.  I'm always craving for cake when I burn idnight oil....LOL , weird right? Even myself also can't understand why like that?

Anyway, there is a new restaurant open in paradiagm mall named SERAI, is like a malay name. There sell local cuisine such as nasi lemak, nasi kerabu..
nice ambience with a modern twist .... Outside the window you can enjoy a nice night view,so romantic..

But today the main character is their dessert
We ordered a PAVLOVA is a meringue dessert with a crisp crust and soft, light inside. The texture is like marshmallow ...
It is covered with strawberries and blueberries to balance the sweetness of the pavlova below...
The whipping cream just increase smoothness and softness.
It melts instantaneously the moment I taste it
I can finish a few pieces more . I swear .
But is a little bit over price for a dessert

The close up ...It is very crispy....I definitely will come again :)

Stay tuned for my next post. 

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Lot 07, Level 1 Boulevard
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T.G.I Friday's
 Lot GB15 & 15A,
 Level G Boulevard
 Tel: 03-7887 2275


  1. would like to visit TGIF again one day but i think i'll be visiting chilies first :P

  2. I tried chili before :) not nad too
    Thanks you for your comment, appreciate it

  3. After a hard work of writing the thesis, I think it just fitting that you celebrate with indulging yourself with food. And it would be a thesis help to have a break like this so that you can take your mind away of thesis writing and the stress it can give people.


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