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Monday, April 1, 2013

WHISK Espresso Bar /Bake Shop @ One Utama

Hey dude, this is my short update.
Sorry for this short post, because I'm currently facing two midterms, thesis draft which need to submit this week. I'm feel so depressing that I have no time to blog . So please forgive me ya , I'm promise after this week I'm will keep update my blog.

Basically, I had passed my FYP presentation which also known as VIVA. So how was it, I'm very excited that I'm presented  it very confident  and the question they asked is in my expectation list. *evil face*

So after that, I'm rushing to KL because there is an NN event tomorrow. As you know, I'm actually is a dessert lover, cake is always be my first choice. Therefore, after VIVA my bf bring me to high tea since me craving for cake so much. 
When reached one utama, I'm remember that I saw people posted a pastel colour cake before. Then suddenly WHISK this name is pop out. We straight away go there without any doubt.

When step inside, there actually full house, I'm quite sad
But then there is something sparkling at there and grab my attention. I'm so excited and keep pointing the cake. You know what I saw. It pink colour cake with gradient .There is only one slide available and we faster ordered it. LOL super "kia shu" lo me .....zzzzzzzzzzzz I have no idea why me can be so excited , is only a piece of cake what...but this is girl native behaviour.

After that we decide to order a beverage. Since I'm having allergy to coffee. Then I didn't order any caffeine beverage. However, my bf is a super caffeine addictor who drinks coffee everyday. He chooses a coffee with based on the appearance too. LOL people are used to judge something based on their appearance ...

But then, I'm agreeing with my bf. The bottle for the coffee is unique. If you in science field you will notice that the bottle is actually looks like a chemical bottle.

Inside even has a stopper .LOL, the brownish glass is looks  like to prevent photodegradable. Sorry for being so scientific. Anyways I'm quite enjoying with the cake and same goes to bf (his coffee).

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