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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Love Story Chapter 2- Valentine Date -San Nae Duel

I know...I know so many people blog about valentine celebration , so maybe you guys w ill  ignore my post ,  :(
But please take a look , a big thanks to you all.

Yeah,  according to the title this is my love story chapter 2. Its mean by me and my bf are able to celebrate Valentine for two years. I'm feeling so thankful that our relationship is getting stable in these past two years.And yet we still can manage well although we can't meet everyday and a few hundred miles distance away .I'm still remember the first valentine we are unable to celebrate at the actual day but this year we can celebrate at 2.14 and even CNY. Thank for you purposely came to my house to celebrate CNY with me  even brought my family  CNY presents* white wine & hamper * and love my family as well. You're just so sweet for me my dear :)

2012 V day
 Make up for V day spot my orange lip , me personally addicted to the colour very much 
 This year we are not going for fine dining and choose the korean cuisine for our dinner :)
Because both of us love korea BBQ so much and I'm a meat lover. Fine dining is totally can't fulfill my desire of the meat .
So we choose the SAN NAE DEUL which is located at SetiaWalk . The owner is 100% korean.

 The menu is so daintiness .....

Actually I'm super hungry at that time no mood to take photo also >< please forgive my randomness.

 "Chit Cha " Gotcha our V day picture :)
 So hungry>< the food haven't come yet T.T
Just the sauce and the vegetables used for wrapping

 The environment picture , very good lightning is a good place to self loving hehehehe....
 OHHHH...Running Man 
 Brown rice tea I called it corn tea because the taste is so similar :)
 Marinated pork (sweet sweet taste)
 Pork butt 

 Kimchi Soup!!!! My all time favorite 
Hot and spicy , so syok

 Korea cuisine how can miss out kimchi 
 I'm so happy and keep asking my bf may I start and keep tell him pa go (korean language means eat )
One thing I love korean cuisine is because it comes with so many side dishes. 
Finished~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~So full
Valentine presentsssssssssssssss? 
Gotcha ...Taadaa 
  Bangkok trip (all spending) & Iphone 5 (sponsor) &..........stay tuned ;p

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