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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tickling My Tastebuds -Nuffnang

I love eat that why I will go to discover all the delicious food. I do not limit myself to eat which type of food as long as it is yummy and stimulate my taste buds. The main dish that I want to introduce is the Italy food which you can find in SPASSO MILANO-Pavilion. 

Pork Valdostana  
Pork Escalope topped with baked Ham and Fontina Cheese 
The fontina cheese is melted on the bacon with the pork. The fusili pasta is absorbed all the creamy sauce and the melted cheese it is such an amazing pork I ever ate!! * Scream @@

Braised Lamb Shank - Slow braised in Red Wine & Mixed Vegetable, Served on Soft Polenta
 When you heard about the word "Red Wine" in a dish , it already help the dish add up a lots of marks and have a good impression. The lamb shank is come with the mashed potato. The sauce is a bit sweet with the Red Wine aroma. Some of the herbs is added inside to bring out the origin taste of the lamb and is chewy enough :)

Lastly, is girl all time favourite DESSERT, people always said that girl normally have another stomach which is always available for dessert even though she is full. The apparent for the dessert is the main point and make girl revel. And come out with " So adorable and cute "  

 Chocolate Banana cake from Indulgence  @IPOH
The big portion of banana is at the top of the chocolate with some cream and choco syrup. The cake is definitely 80% contribute by the chocolate itself however the cake only contribute 20%. The taste like we eat chocolate itself . SWEET SWEET SWEET ....

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