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Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy CNY@Sin Lean Heang(新年香饭店) PENANG

This will be my CNY short post. I'm so in love in this"ulala" year, because  I got myself two adorable toys , will blog it soon XD. During "chor sei" me and hubby went for penang to visit my bf relatives :)
Guess what? I get a super big angpau from my bf " aiya father" 
Thanks you uncle "devil smile"

Camwhore in car -ootdPastel colour  stud  blouseGold colour pantsBig stud earringTaken by my new baby camera , love the outcomeAfter 2 hours, we reached Penang, Penang streets were full of cars and very crowded . Therefore, we parked our  car in a place, then bf "aiya father" came to fetch us .We're so hungry at that time, too bad so many chinese cuisine restaurant haven't open yet. 

Finally, we found one of the chinese cuisine restaurant , my bf"aiya father" said this restaurant  foods are very delicious although this restaurant look very old. There have so many people queue at outside and waiting, but then for some privacy reason, we are able to get a sit and serve like a VIP :)We waited for our foods around 45 minutes><due to there are really so many customers 

Oyster Mee, the oyster is very fresh the sauce is just so awesome with the mee . Likessssssssssssssssss

 Penang style Fried bean curd with shrimp豆干炒虾仁

Penang famous food - "蚝煎" This is the most delicious 蚝煎 I ever ate 

 肉羹, the soup is simple but then the taste is freaking good, Why IPOH didn't have this kind of soup ><

Within half an hour, we finished all the dishes .
Noted- Oyster lovers must come and try it :)

Sin Lean Heang

360-G-7, Gat Lebuh Macallum,
10300 Penang.

Tel No: 04-2626954

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