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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lost World @Tambun, Ipoh

Hello, sorry for the late post, I should blog this at January ><Before last semester break finish, me and my Chemistry coursemates went to Lost World , Tambun. Thanks for the Groupon, We all are able to get the cheap tickets :) I'm actually very scare to play under a very hot sunbath especially during the afternoon, which is the period that the strongest radiation of sunlight occur,.Therefore, I'm doing some protection for my skin, to prevent the brilliant skin getting dark . My friends told me to bring sunblock too, of cause they know my pattern as well,  I bring all my sunblocks from top to toe with different SPF to them. Hey, I'm so caring right? hehehe.....

 OOTD- Denim shirt from Uniqlo and short pants from sg.wangLong sleeves shirt help me prevent getting sun burn >< but make me sweat like hell

 There has a small theme park inside Lost World, we all are like a child when saw the spinner, all of us faster go there and take a seat and can't wait to start and keep complaint that is freaking HOT!!!However, some of my friends even my beloved Bf also not able to join us because they will faint easily!!! ahahahahahahah , but anyway I'm enjoy it very much.

You definitely  can spotted that one of my friend is even putting his head at 180 degree and faced upward. He keep on said want release STRESS... yup, for your information our course is super duper stress and busy, if you want to take Chemistry course in UTAR, better think twice before you choose it .

Yeah, this is the scene before the pirate ship start , My hair looks tidy at first. After the pirate ship, I'm keep shouting and asking when the pirate ship will stop it. Some of my friends are fainting on the way with the troll face appeared.

After that, we went to the petting zoo .. is ZOO again !!

I hate this zoo because there have a lots of snake . I hate SNAKE!!! All the snake is wrap like a shit shape and was sit probably at the transparent cover, so when you look upward, there has a snake is sitting above your head >< very horrible and disgusting. They even put a snake climb at the three with no cover at all, I was shocked by it  because m do not notice the snake is at the tree instead of me keep looking on the other animals, so becareful ya.

Richard Parker? 
 I have no idea what is this, I guess its probably is a pigeon 
 A huge peacock is standing at my friend hand, I believe that the peacock is heavy enough .
 Snow white parrot.
 I'm actually quite disappointed to this parrot because when I speak "I LOVE YOU" , it just reply me arghh, arghh, arghh.....==
 Variety species of tortoise.. there has a professional person who will explain to you and feeding the tortoises .
 The smallest chicken in the world.  We got  ipad mini, chicken also ?
In contrast, this tortoise is huge . Its age is 400 years old. Its tail is extremely long.
 Follow by the water activities, there have three different slides which are dark tunnel, semi tunnel and open air tunnel. I'm highly recommend the dark tunnel, it is so stimulating and you can't expect when is the turning point, because you really see nothing inside , you trust is 100% depend on the lifebuoy :)
I didn't go for the hotsprings just because I already tried before. 
I will blog it when I visit again ,bikini maybe?

9 of us !! this posing is a MUST when you go travel with friends.

End up, we all are very exhausted after the water activities.

Me and my BF 

The End
Enjoy reading , Bye 

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