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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

3 Wise Monkeys Bistro &Bar @Setiawalk

Today post is all about the western cuisine, Thanks to Groupon, My bf brought a  RM200 cash voucher with spent only Rm100 to brought the deal. 3 wise Monkeys is located at Setiawalk @Puchong, Its actually a bistro& bar, but its served many snack even entree and dessert too. The price is slightly higher . But the environment at there is quite good and relax.

As usual, I will introduce the environment first , their interior design most probably is based on vintage style ,but the light is too dark for me ;p
 The bar

 Such a huge clock !!
 Many clocks are hang at the wall as their decoration, for me I think that is quite creative and innovative .
I saw Audrey Hepburn & Marilyn Monroe potraits also.
 For your information, we waited for our food around 30 minutes, so you must be patient enough ><
                             Pig Blanket(Bacon wrap with cocktail sausage)-RM16.00
 Ceasar Salad with smoked salmon and poached egg -RM15++
 Squid Ink spaghetti with Otak , it is delicious but a little bit too spicy 
 Signature Beef burger-RM25.00
 Germanized Pork Burger

 Pizza(I forgot the name >< poor memory)
 Sausages Platter
 Big portion of sausages is served, different kind of meat inside mixed with the mustard sauce 
 The food at there overall is not bad too, is a good chatting and chilling  place during weekend, log on their facebook page to know more about the promotion. Click below

 (10-30) · Bar

03-5882 0025

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