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Monday, November 12, 2012

A day to ZOO NEGARA @ KL

Hey dude :)
This is a post attached with many picture

Our spending

RM40 for the entries tickets

RM25 for the photoshooting

RM 20 lunch at the wild*for 2 person only

The most beautiful bird in the world Rhinoceros Hornbill, so colourful and attractive crown
The peguin, omg so cute
they even say HI to us :) how adorable !!
Even their swiming style also like a mermaid
The children farm (bunnies, goat, pony )
Do you spot her fridge? Damn cute(p/s: actually I have no idea with it gender ><)
Her hair is so straight and smooth like just finish rebonding :)
We lunch at The Wild restaurant , it is alomost similar with KFC and i'm totally being confused x)
The biggest cat in the world>> TIGER
You also can feed the cow with the prepared grass that located beside their farm, they so excited to see me == my bf said actually they just focus on the food that I hold by my hand LOL
The ostrich , zebra, giraffa(Kwang Soo)
Next, is the most interesting part , you all don't be affraid what I had been saw, is the KING OF THE BEAST-LION , they are mating,LMFAO.I watched the whole mating process by my naked eye. This is even more interesting watch at TV .So lucky
Its real live show, the king of the beast is roar after finish mating, it is super duper awesome.
Coming up next is the biggest mammal-the most greedy and realistic elephant.Why I said so?
The elephant is dancing not because me is the visitor is because the banana I bought .The banana is cost RM3 , it sold near the resting place.He chase me from the other corner to another due to the banana. It is so fun and is the first time I feed elephant :)
I saw Kwang Soo( running man) in the zoo.
My hubby, the man who help me captured all the nice picture. Thanks you
Bye bye. Stay turn for my another food post again , enjoy reading

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