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Monday, November 12, 2012

WATAMI Casual Japanese Dining @Paradigm Mall

Hi, finally I have time to enjoy some delicious food again. LoL :P
Beside busy with my FYP, I also need some food to colour my boring school life
So, me and my hubby decided to dinner at Paradigm mall.Finally we choose to eat japanese cuisine :)

Oh ya, Happy 1st anniversary to my hubby ❤
There got provide the "free" wet tissue :)
The environment at there is awesome , with the beautiful japanese style ceiling lightning with some authentic japanese music.
We choose the corner side place, which can look through the night view of the paradiagm mall
The restaurant is decorate with the modern japanese style.It just simple and nice.

here we go, the food we ordered, the TOKYO GYU DON RM 22.90
The half boiled egg is serve with the tokyo gyu don too,the yellowish egg yolk is just eluted out smoothly, such an awesome match, thumb up.
Follow by the MENTAI PIZZA(include potato, cod roe,beef) RM19.90, the pizza is the dish you must try because it really taste good, slurps
Next, is my favourite ZARU SOBA RM12.90
the softness of soba is just cooked perfectly
p/s: I dislike the soba which is too soft T.T
ISHINABE TOFU RM8.90 the tofu is very soft and smooth, the sauce is just so nice with the tofu, not bad too

At last, is the reason i like this restaurant so much is due to in front of the

cashier counter there have a big mirror can give us to have a cam whore session.

# ootd # our matching top :)

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