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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Anniversary Celebration -Indulgence Restaurant & Living @ Ipoh

Time flies.....We’ve been through together for 2 years and our love is still counting. You’re still the only one. And yet here is our Anniversary which is a special date to remember. We have come together today to witness and to celebrate this memorable day. You mean the world to me and I hope we can stay sweet together.

Frankly, these 2 years we do not have many arguments thank you for being considerate all the time especially during my PMS period. Those stupid hormones in my body mess all over my mind and thinking even easily getting anger in some small matters. I love the way how you coaxing me and always treat me like a princess. Love the way you hug me, like hugging a baby.

We planned to celebrate our anniversary at Indulgence Restaurant & Living which located at Ipoh. This is place that I’m always chilling with my bestie because we always craving for cake.
So I’m purposely doll up myself with black tube dinner dress.
We didn’t choose salad as our appetizer. I’m more prefer oyster (MYR11.90+/pc) because it has been quite a long time I didn’t eat oyster and I miss it so much. The oyster is amazing. It is super duper fresh, totally no  fishy flavor !!!

Prawn XXX (MYR 29) to replace classic creamy mushroom soup.
Apparently I like the fish more because inside the fish all is fish egg like ebiko, yum yum.
The taste for the soup so so only just like the concentrate version of HAR MEE soup.

I’ve ordered –zita Funghi (creamy pasta with button mushroom).-MYR 30 Look at the pasta, the shape of the pasta is in cylinder shape and my bf describes it as pipe. LOL.... I’m very curios how the chef makes it and it is a continuous form and places it according to the shape of bowl.
I have no idea what my bf ordered because he has been struggling for almost 20 minutes to decide the main dish.  

Here are the pictures of our main dishes.

Let’s enjoy J

Personally I’m super addicted to Fungi. So I’m purposely finished all the pasta and cherry tomatoes just to save my button mushrooms at the end. I’m starting to lost count how many button mushrooms that I ate because the amount of the button mushrooms with the pasta are almost same with the amount of one box you purchase at market. I think is approximately 10 or more than that.

First, I’m laugh at my bf for ordered an omelette with chicken-MYR32 because he’s choosing so long just now just for an omelette. Surprisingly, the omelette was very impressive. The texture of the omelette just soft like a tofu and the chicken was well flavoured. End up I’m suggested to exchange the dishes but he rejected >< Sad T.T

At first, we planned to have a dessert but at the end our stomach was bloated.

I saw a Christmas tree at the lobby of Indulgence Restaurant & Living and notice Christmas is coming ;p  which means my Taiwan trip is very near.

I forget to change the mode but somehow the outcome is not bad o?

Last but not least #OOTD

This clutch is from my company -SOPHIE PARIS SDN BHD (*benefit for employee,hahahahaha)

 Don't like this, I'm promise you I will keep on "manja" hehehehehehe. Love u

 Anniversary gift? *undisclosed :) stay tuned for my instagram-audreylooi91.


  1. you all got that couple look honestly ^_^ Congrates and stay sweet!


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