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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ipoh Food -My lovely hometown

Today , I wanna talks about IPOH food. I'm 100% IPOH mali ...When talking about IPOH food. Which food will eventually pop out in your mind? 芽菜鸡?豆腐花?盐焗鸡?

 As an IPOH people, hor fun and tauge always is my favorite and I am totally can't refused. I swear I can eat it everday ...Teehee. To be honest, KL can't find 鸡丝河粉 which taste similar with IPOH except paparich and Oldtown white coffee. But their price for one bowl is expensive and costly. After moved to KL, me start to miss IPOH this familiar small and unique town which accompanied my childhood and adolescent life which is more than 20 years.

Here we go, you definitely will notice that the soup for 鸡丝河粉 is reddish orange colour. This colour mostly come from the oil of prawn. Almost every 鸡丝河粉 in IPOH is come along with this attractive colour. Of cause, tauge is one of the most unique items due to its physical appearance. It looks short and fat and juicy. This is quite difference with those tauge in KL.
Yes, a big different !


# Custard pudding . This was one of the best pudding I ever ate!! Smoothness and creamy , nom nom nom
@ 光兴茶餐室 Konh Heng  Restaurant IPOH

 # 怡保兵如港大树脚炸料

# 怡保兵如港大树脚炒萝卜糕
#怡保兵如港大树脚 龙珠果冰 和什果冰

Desserts will always come after main dishes. Although I'm bloating, there's still have a available stomach  for me to digest the dessert.
Indulgence at IPOH is the place that served delicious desserts with nice dressing. Me and my gf will always craving from their cake even midnight . I am a cake lover and almost can swallow a piece of cake everday =='' But I will felt guilty when I'm having diet ><
Walnut brownies serves with vanila ice cream
As you can see that, the cake portion is less than the amount of walnut worth every penny I pick for it.

Blueberries Cheese cake.
 As what I had been told  from my gf who doesn't like cheese and claimed that cheese is smelly but she totally can accept it and finished the whole cake  and keep praising the cake is extremely delicious.

Banana Pudding with Vanila Ice Cream
The aroma of the banana is awesome and it comes in warm condition when mixed with the freeze vanila ice cream . You definitely can't used any word for the description and just raise up your thumb :)
You can see that their decoration on the plate which is what you can't get at Secret Recipe.
Same price and different outcome. So which one would you like to prefer it more?
Nowadays people will take a picture upload to instagram before they start to enjoy the meal. Nice appearance is impostant. This shows the heartiness from their enthusiasm services.

In a nutshell, the reason that I love IPOH is I met my soulmatesssssssss in my life . No one can replace them in my life :)
We don't fake and treat each other with sincerely. I don't mind to being ugly and totally no need care for the image .LOL. IPOH is the place we hang out during secondary school and all kinds of gathering will be held at IPOH also.
When I'm depressing, chatting with them will bring my smile back. In uni, I need to wear on mask everyday , talking with those people I'm not interested . This make me almost want to vomit everyday, looking on those fakers walking around and yet this is so disgusting and annoying.  The most frequent word I used  to describe them is GELI....But anyways, I'm successfully escape from there  and can sticks with my lovely gf .
Goodbye .


  1. Wah, nice food u have, looking at the food photos made me feel hungry instantly :)
    By the way, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Please check my blog out for details!

  2. michelle , thanks for the comment . Feeling so touch that I've nominated :)

  3. MMM making my hungry girl! That food looks so yummy. Cute pictures of you and your friends :) xo

  4. Lauren: definitely those pics will make you drooling even myself as well. LOL. Thanks for you praise and reading my blog <3


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