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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

✈ Mccafe ✈

Hello, recently I had been visited the Mccafe which just open during 16th of june. When u hear the name "Mccafe" you will be curious is that got any related to Mcdonald's? Ya it is totally owned by Mcdonalds, actually if not mistaken, Mccafe is already launched long time ago in foreign conutry , its launched the 1st shop in Melbourne ,Australia since 1993. Such a long long time, it only came to Malaysia. It is located at KOTA DAMANSARA.
Hmm, let me introduce a little bit about the environment, when u walk inside the Mccafe, u definitively will feel that all the coffee smell is surrounded you. The muffin, cakes that sell there it looks pretty nice! I felt like want to have a bite on every type of it. :)❤
The little decoration with some coffee bean~
Latte in medium size RM7.90
Chocolate Freppie RM 7.90
Blueberry cheese cake Rm.9.90 Most important is their cappuccinos available at RM4.50++ onwards, McCafe's beverages everything from steaming-hot Americanos and flat whites to ice-cold lattes and mochas cost probably half of what Starbucks might charge. If not mistaken is open through midnight.Come and let a try on it:) After that is my SS time 1ST-the polite look
2nd- My most natural look :)
3rd- is my ambassador look :) wink
That all for today, stay tuned for my next post, Bye bye ~~~

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