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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


hey dude, such a freaking long time didn't update my blog ..well, the final exam is around the corner, so instead of doing my revision, I would like to post something that will stimulate your taste bud and make you mouth watering. Let's start, so I think most of you know about IKEA right? Currently I saw a post on FB that the people going to IKEA not for the furniture is about their food? kinda weird right? therefore I ask about my hubby what is it so attractive about the IKEA FOOD, since everyone going there not want to purchase their furniture is their FOOD! So I coquetry my hubby to bring me there to having lunch before fetch me back to IPOH:) Well, there are so many people in the food court, every table also FULL!! But this will not make me give up to having lunch at there, we go to get a trolley(ps: the trolley is specially designed for u to put ur food) there serve dessert, appetizers, steak, buns and beverage. Hmm.. are u ready for the food:) IKEA most well known dishes is their Sweden Meatballs..Almost every table also having this dishes:) the meatball is mixed with the brown gravy sauce:) it is so match and awesome. 20pcS just RM16.
The Sunkist orange juice just cost me RM1.50 only and my hubby order a cup of coffee is about RM5 if not mistaken..but it can refilled as much time as possible, so as a coffee lover how can you miss this kind of opportunity :)

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