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Thursday, February 3, 2011

KL♥3days 2nights shopping trip♥

So late only update my KL TRIP..
The title is "shopping" trip ..all guy u will know what I mean right?
The purpose of this shopping is to grab new clothes for CNY..
the trip is held on 21 JAN after my 8am class me quickly rush to prepare then go KL start my journey l^^before start let take some pic^^

you babe so excited haha
After 2 hours plus we reach KL.We settle of the thing then straight away go shopping.. DAY 1 1st location is BERJAYA TIMES SQUARE
My stomach is non stop starving.."gulu gulu"
We decide to go KIM GARY having our brunch,i order 韩式石锅拌饭and my babe order his favourite and always dreaming about KIM GARY cheese baked all must be curious why go Hong Kong style restaurant order korean cuisine..haha..I have no idea i'm just addicted to korean cuisine,here are some pictures of what me and my ordered.

"DONG DONG CHANG" many Chinese new year song is playing around,actually i not really like CNY song because felt so annoying with those drum .Berjaya Times Square all with CNY decoration.."hong po po",so we take this opportunity to take some pictures

we walk around whole shopping center also did'nt bought any totally no idea what should buy the clothes almost sad:(
Other friend go watch mv just left me and babe boy stay at room..享受二人世界,the plasma tv resolution is good somemore the tv is showing<<我家有只河东狮>>old movie but watch with babe also not bad..after finish movie..
My dinner is my lovely 碗仔翅 at 港饮港食 near lawyat tasty and yummy the most important is the very cheap just RM4 and is the amount is so full.


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