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Monday, January 17, 2011

❤Short semester summary❤

Wuhoo!!long time no update my blog how are you guy?I'm getting fine here.
Well,don't talk too much nonsense..just summarize my short semester!
first,is i'm joined an PR event.
I had been selected to be model to show the save earth product like handphone..blablabla.OH GOSH..many people will not believe I will be the model of this event.. include ME also wonder >< hahahax but finally me also joined and know some leng zai leng lui too..LET THE PICTURE SHOW U HOW ABOUT THE EVENT..oh ya..that day lucky draw prize is very super duper GOOD that is plasma TV,NOKIA HP,and printer and some technology things..



❤thank weibing help us to take picture^^❤

After this ,I'M busy with my final exam..This is the 1st time I'M study until feel like getting vomit.FML..LOL
Suffer period is pass finally,then is I'M LOTE PERIOD, LOTE? U all must be curious is that me type wrongly is that love..NO!! DEFINITELY NO1!Y I said so because this word is created by ME..haha..LOTE IS= LOVE+HATE..I'M super LOTE sem break..U KNOW Y?
I love it because this is the time me can relax no need to think about my education.
I hate that because I cant see my sad:(SEM BREAK actually not much different to me sit at home ,on9,eat and sleep.EXERCISE OH..NO!!U FIND WRONG PPL..Nothing special I hang out with my sister ..DOING WHAT?CHIT CHAT LO
I MEET JESS ONG,such a funny sister can crazy with me,we do nothing just go baoer home chit chat non stop because since she went to SEGI..she don't want me hard to see her..she is one of my besties..DON'T ASK Y..I ❤ HER.
My dear nico and me go eat korean food..we just addicted to korean cuisine ..dok pok it


**if u don't know where is it.that is just behind jusco,kinta city ipoh,here is the link about the restaurant**

I MEET CRYSTAL secondary school friend ,form 2 sat beside me..since me graduated we didn't gather before..haha..LAME THING WE DO..TAKE PICTURE❤

*to see more plz search my FB..NIYEN LOOI..thx*
In addition, my mum bring me go buy some curtain and accessories to decorate my new room in^^TANG TANG!!MY OUTCOME!!I LOVE IT?HOW ABOUT U?IF U THINK IS GIRLISH...then so sorry,I'm just girlish!!WHO CARE!!

DING DONG!!the excited day finally come that is RESULT OUT JOR LAH.

p/s gonna start my new semester soon..down down down..


  1. wau!!!new layout le...very nice!!!hw u make tis de???

  2. thx thx^^i'm just search on9..spend so much time to decorate it..hope u like it^^


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