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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

[Review] Holiday Nail Art- Bloop

Jingle Belle Jingle Belle  ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯

HOHOHO... Christmas is coming soon which means New year is just around the corner.All I 

want is holiday. I bet sure many of you already have an awesome plan right?

When come to end of the year usually  is the party combo time. Have you prepare your Party 

outfit, and prepare to looks stunning .

Just put your dress on, killing heels and what? How can you just let your nails naked? You know 

when you go party except your adorable face, the first body language when you greeting with 

someone must be your hand right? 

So let's get your nail art done :)
You may grab your nail polish here. 

I'm using the nail polish from Bloop (under Mission To Mars Collection).

It's looks like copper colour with glitter effect.

- Quick Drying
- Ultra Glossy
- Long Lasting 

This is not enough for me ><

So personally I'm going to add on some of my idea .

   Tadaa!!! #PLAID nail.

Plaid or Tartan is the famous print in Holiday, plaid skirt and top so I'm decided to paint my nail in plaid print too :)

The outcome :)

This is so match with Christmas theme. I'm ready to rock and roll at party !!!

So far I'm quite satisfied with the nail polish. It really dry fast than my expectation. Normally after I paint my nail I will become like a "stroke" person who can't used my hand to do any activities. It is damn annoying when your face is itchy but you can't scratch it ><

Last but not least , wish you all "Merry Christmas"

Thanks for Hishop sent me a nice nail polish and colour my nail :)

Here are a little gift to all my readers :)

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  1. pretty dearr, how you do the plaid nail? Can i just use sharpie and draw on it? LOL

    1. Hi Abigail,

      Lol you really inspired me :) Ofcause I draw it by using normail black colour nail polish with the thin brush .

  2. Full of Christmas feel, I love nail art, but Im just too lz to do it myself XD

    1. Hahahhaa, there was a great feeling after you make it success on your nail art and can save money also :)

  3. so lovely, i got the same nail polish color as you hee

  4. Dear Ann Tan,

    Yaya I notice it , I'm actually think it so long how to present this colour and until now I'm even have the answer for the nail strip, because the nail strip they give me is abit errrrrr ><


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