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Sunday, September 25, 2011

✈P..E.N.A.N.G ♥TAO

After finish final, we decided to went TAO which located in Auto city. It tooks around 2 hour and a half to reached P.P from Kampar. Inside the car ,normally is my private camwhore time. This time got another cute doggy accompany me her name is -JOELLE.

Look! How adorable she is?

Try a new hair style.. wave curve for my fringe,How is it? drop me a comment or a like..

✌ Take ➀~

✌ Take ➁~

When around 4 something, we finally reached sunway carnival. In between , I had tried NEW ZEALAND NATURAL ICE CREAM- GREEN TEA is always my 1st choice. I order a junior scope- Rm6.90. I love the taste with some fillings inside the ice cream .Thumb up
Then we watched a movie- Johnny English Reborn( Actor-Mr.BEAN)
This movie is a comedy movie watched it after exhausted final is damn suitable, Me laugh non stop in the cinema.. highly recommended.The story line is very funny.

We having out buffer dinner at TAO cuisine , ok picture time^^

We have no idea what to order, so we order the TOP 10 dish in TAO.

Baked oyster with cheese, yummy yummy^^{。^◕‿◕^。}

Scallop with cheese and some spicy sauce.

ABALONE slide- DElicious^^Forget to take picture for the shark fin soup and abalone sad @@

Salmon fish, I love it

Shashimi is so FRESH, especially the salmon mixed with the wasabi and soya sauce .What a good combination.. Finger licking.

TEMPURA-Just normal..

Forget the name i think is fried chicken something..

Takoyaki -the octopus is so small...blaming ><

The salad corner.

Sushi hand roll with soft crab..not bad..

Mango chicken quite fresh mixable dish..

At last is the dessert corner,make me excited the most Chocolate fountain!!

The chocolate is not too sweet is extremely nice with some bitter taste, the kids are playing around with the chocolate and some is too greedy..><

French master cake..first time heard of it, it taste a little bit like "muochi" with some peanut powder on it..

A BIG TUMMY is appeared after eaten so much of dish, there are some food I forget to take picture because everybody is craving for the food, no opportunity to take also..

The most cunning things is we meet another batch of utarian which also come around to having the buffer dinner. After introducing, we just notice we are from the same amazing

At last, cam whore time again^^ just enjoy the picture.

when reached home ,see my bunny "STICK" until like this..all the tired is gone^^


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